Wendy Devere-Austin

Wendy DeVere-Austin, was born in the city of Bath, England. Now Wendy and her husband, Raymond DeVere-Austin aka Raymond Austin, televison director/writer and novelist, now live at their family home Fox Haven in the rolling hills of Virginia. Wendy was raised by her Maternal Grandmother. Her Paternal Grandparents were French, and when her parents died, a constant battle waged between the Grandparents, over where she should be brought up. Most of the time her Irish Grandmother won.

Her Convent school days really were among some of the best and the happiest of her youth and she can still feel the emotions of betrayal felt on her last school day, as she was about to be hurled into the semi adult world of Universities and MAJOR decisions! A few years later she became a model for Chanel. Traveling the world and having a simply wonderful and carefree time. It was during those years that she leapt head first into other business ventures and became the proud owner of two hairdressing salons, though knowing nothing of the trade. Bought a hotel in Spain, and also became a part owner of a Spanish night club.

She was introduced into the film industry through a friend, and started at the bottom in the publicity department, working her way up through the production side and eventually forming her own production company. She enjoyed working on such films as Cromwell, Nicholas and Alexandra, two Sinbad films, The Life of D.H. Lawrence, Conduct Unbecoming, and eventually Robin Hood , where she met and married British director Raymond Austin. After five happy years in California, they now live in Virginia.

One of Wendy's passions is gardening. But now another string to her bow is that of author. Leave The Killing To Me was her first novel, and now fresh off the press, her next thriller Dead On Cue

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